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As a busy MSP you'll have limited time to create or amend the wide range of IT policies, marketing material and expert advice video's needed to keep the non-technical side of your business running smoothly.

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Policies and Guides

Your clients need to implement a range of policies and guides covering IT and employee interaction with technology. As your clients have limited time to do this, why not add value to your service and provide suitable policy documents ready-to-roll - enhancing your 'Trusted Adviser' role

Within the MSPWingman Resources section there are a range of policies to cover Internet Use, Data Protection and Email Management


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Marketing Resources

Every MSP find marketing hard, so don't think you are alone. A feast or famine approach to marketing is not a good way to run an MSP and it will certainly lead to poor inbound enquiries and limited new opportunity

Within the MSPWingman Resources section there is a range of simple, straightforward and quick-to-implement marketing materials, including a 'Twitter Campaign in a Box' - a ready to go Twitter campaign driving traffic to your website which you can roll out in 10mins


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Expert Video

The MSP Wingman speaks to industry experts and get their advice, anything from marketing to PR and operations. These videos often contain a wealth of helpful information which you can translate into your business for transforming results.

Within the MSPWingman Resources section there are video interviews full of advice and expertise from professionals that'll help your business take off


MSP Wingman Resources

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