MSP Sales and Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for many IT businesses is marketing their services, and winning new business. For many business owners who have come from a primarily Technical background, sales can be an especially daunting situation. It’s often not enough to be the best Technician to win new business.

I can help you build effective marketing strategies that are easy to consistently undertake, yet generate a steady stream of new sales opportunities. I can work to help you feel more comfortable in sales situations, and learn to do what you really want to do – help your clients understand the right thing for their business. Do any of these issues ring a bell ?

  • Are you unsure of whether you’re charging the right amount for your Managed Service offering?
  • Are you asking the right questions in prospect meetings?
  • Are you frustrated by meeting with prospects who say your services are too expensive?
  • Do you spend too much time writing quotes and proposals that don’t result in won business?

How can MSP Wingman help?

Through a structured program of activities I can work with you to grow and develop the skills you need for continued success. Starting with one-off activities such as the 'sensibility assessment' for £99, I can spend 60mins talking to you, finding the key challenges and offering a way to look at possible future options.

If you need more then we can step up to a one month coaching plan at £250 which consists of :

  • 60mins coaching (Skype) with unlimited follow up email.
  • Personally crafted help and support for 1 month.

For those looking to embark on a long term strategy for business growth, then starting from just £199 per month (min 6 months) I can begin to :

  • Identify the challenges in your business which are holding you back.
  • Help create achievable solutions.
  • Work with you at each stage while you implement your new plan.

If you’d like more help working on any of these challenges then complete the form below and get in touch today

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