MSP Business Coaching

At times the challenges of growing your business can feel overwhelming. I know, because I’ve been there. As a current owner of an IT businesses, I understand the skills, knowledge and systems you need to make it work.

Common challenges MSP Wingman can help you with

I can help you overcome many common challenges to growing your own IT business, such as:-

  • Helping you develop a profitable understanding of IT business finance.
  • Managing the marketing of your business and generating sales.
  • Moving your business up a gear; going from 1-person to many people.
  • Showing how an RMM tool can be used to generate additional revenue and create new sales.
  • Helping clients to use social media to deliver real results for their business.
  • Putting you back in control. Getting you back running the business, instead of the business running you.

Why work with MSP Wingman?

I have built a strong reputation as an expert in small IT business growth and development. Speaking, training and consultancy work with some of the industry’s biggest names give me a unique overview of the IT industry. Combining my understanding of the big IT picture with experience of real life small business means I can deliver invaluable help to small IT companies who are looking to grow

How can MSP Wingman help?

Through a structured program of activities I can work with you to grow and develop the skills you need for continued success. Starting with one-off activities such as the 'sensibility assessment' for £99, I can spend 60mins talking to you, finding the key challenges and offering a way to look at possible future options.

If you need more then we can step up to a one month coaching plan at £250 which consists of :

  • 60mins coaching (Skype) with unlimited follow up email.
  • Personally crafted help and support for 1 month.

For those looking to embark on a long term strategy for business growth, then starting from just £199 per month (min 6 months) I can begin to :

  • Identify the challenges in your business which are holding you back.
  • Help create achievable solutions.
  • Work with you at each stage while you implement your new plan.

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